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Market leaders join together to launch the most powerful Driveaway service

Aviva UK PLC and Lloyd Latchford Schemes Ltd have joined together to launch a brand new driveaway service for dealers and car manufacturers in the UK. Aviva's existing programme will come to an end in June 2012 and the new service will go live at the same time in order to give existing dealers continuity. 

Lloyd Latchford Schemes are no strangers to this market space and their award winning platforms deliver a number of driveaway and insurance operations including Jaguar, Landrover, Fiat, AlfaRomeo and Chrysler to name a few. They also provide online 'Quote and Buy' car insurance solutions to over 2000 dealer websites in the UK and are widely regarded as the market leaders within the dealer community. 

Aviva UK PLC, one of the largest car insurance providers in the UK and founders of the driveaway concept, have long since been recognised in the UK as offering a leading proposition to the dealer community to over 5000 dealers today.​

Tim Hutton, Commercial Director of Lloyd Latchford Schemes Ltd, commenting on the new trading agreement said, "This is a very exciting partnership not only for us but also, and more importantly, the dealer and manufacturing community." "The partnership is born out of a shared desire to greatly enhance and improve the existing offer and provide a 'Best in Market' proposition in terms of both the dealer and customer journey." "Dealers have spoken and we have listened!", says Tim Hutton. "Dealer sales processes are changing and it was key that we followed with a service which can adapt to these, as well as giving them the quickest possible solution." ​

Brian Spinks, Head of Personal Lines at Aviva commented, "Aviva are proud to bring dealers a market leading insurance product backed by one of the UK's leading insurers. With your feedback and our expertise, we feel we have created a proposition which focuses on you and your customer's needs."​

About Lloyd Latchford Schemes

Lloyd Latchford Schemes is an award winning broker with over 35 years pedigree within the group. Now regarded as one of the UK's fastest growing specialist insurance brokers, our clients include global brands such as Jaguar, Landrover, Fiat, Alfaromeo, Chrysler, BP, LEX Automotive Leasing, Deloitte, Experian Automotive, Razsor, Aviva and over 2000 UK based dealer sites, to name just a few. Since our launch into the Automotive Insurance sector back in 2005 we have experienced unparalled success by demonstrating an in depth knowledge of the market and growing our existing car manufacturing clients insurance books by over 400% in most cases.

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