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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to agree to a contract?

Car Insurance is a legal requirement and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a result it is a requirement that you agree to a contract to confirm that you have read and understood the scope of your permitted activities, duties and responsibilities whilst using this service. This agreement will be deemed to be live as soon as your first drive away has been created.

Do we need to be FCA regulated in order to gain access to the service?

NO, the contract sets out what you can and can’t do as a non FCA regulated business and so no direct regulation is required as long as you follow the contract protocol.

When can we start to use the service?

We have now received your registration, we will do some checks to make sure you qualify for access to the service. We will report back to you around a week later and if you have qualified for access then we will start the process to have you using the service and you will receive a confirmation email and letter.

Why are Lloyd Latchford Schemes and Aviva working  together?

Lloyd Latchford Schemes are an award winning broker and one of the UK's most successful drive away providers, running programmes which include Jaguar, Landrover, Fiat, AlfaRomeo, Chrysler and online 'Quote and Buy' car insurance systems for over 2000 dealer sites. In 3 years they have over doubled policy sales across all their driveaway manufacturing programmes, whilst providing the fastest consumer and dealer journey possible. ​

Lloyd Latchford Schemes are now regarded as a leading provider in the driveaway field and continue to invest heavily in order to improve both the dealer and consumer experience. Their latest platform, being launched later this year to deliver our new Aviva programme, will see further advancements in order to give our dealers and their customers the very best experience.

Why use Aviva for driveaway and annual insurance in your showroom?

Aviva have been the only Insurer to provide a driveaway programme for the dealer community, outside of manufacturing programmes, since we launched driveaway over 5 years ago. This latest move demonstrates that we are once again committed to the dealer community and continue to see dealers in the UK as key partners. 

This, coupled with Aviva's comprehensive car insurance product and competitive pricing, we are confident that you and your customers will continue to enjoy our driveaway programme for many more years to come. 

When can we sign up for the new driveaway and when will it be available? 

You can sign up for the new driveaway with immediate effect. Simply complete the form on the 'Register' page and one of our new distribution partners will be in touch shortly. The new website will be available for you to view and test in May of this year and then you will be able to issue driveaway covernotes and trade on the platform from the 20th June 2012, when the existing Aviva driveaway programme comes to an end. 

Why has the existing system been changed?

Consumers and dealers have changed the way they interact with eachother, with more and more consumers using the internet today to research their next car purchase and to purchase products online. Aviva's new trading partners platform is testament to that, with over 26% of their policies being sold online and over 95% of customers month on month prefering to use the online system to register their driveaway instead of their call centre.

In short, dealers and consumers have spoken and we have listened. Our new solution will enable customers and dealers to do business the old fashion way and our UK based call centre will be happy to take their call and register their driveaway. However, in order to keep up with consumer behaviour and demand as well as improve our service to dealers our new solution will enable dealers and their clients to register their driveaway and annual insurance online within minutes. A welcome improvement, I'm sure we will all agree.​

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