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Dealer Improvements

Dealer improvementsYou and your customers will be able to enjoy a 24/7 online solution to obtain a Driveaway covernote and annual insurance quote without the intervention of a call centre. Either you or your customer can login from your showroom facilities or in their own time from home or work and complete the driveaway process in a matter of minutes.

Once the customer has been registerd on your system, via your unique dealer and sales person's code, it will track the customer data to your site and keep a complete audit trail of any changes made to their information.

Zero to Quoted in 3 minutes!

Dealer improvementsThe journey to get an annual quote and drive away has never been quicker in the insurance market. We have stripped out all the unneccasary questions, added every piece of technology we can to pre-populate information and kept the dealer and consumer journey to a minimum. After just a matter of minutes you and/or your customer will have a competitive annual car insurance quote and Driveaway cover displayed.  

At this stage you and your client also have the ability to use registration number lookup, meaning no more covernotes coming through with the incorrect registration number on them. ​

Click, quote and buy! 

Dealer improvementsAfter you and/or your customer have completed the online application the system will generate the competitive annual quote as well as the Driveaway. 

If the customers buys the annual quote you will still get access to an instant covernote to tax the car. With Lloyd Latchford's existing programmes today over 26% of customers take this option every month.

Once your customer has selected the right option for them the system uses every piece of technology available to complete the set up as quickly as possible. At this point you and your customer are minutes away from obtaining a covernote for taxation purposes. 

Putting dealers firmly back in the driving seat 

 Dealer improvementsIf a customer opts for the Driveaway covernote the dealer has complete control of the start date and time that the covernote starts. 

This eradicates all previous issues around vehicle delays or bringing delivery of the car forward and the dealer and customer having to go through the whole process again. 

Better communication all the way

Dealer improvementsDealers and their customers are kept fully informed along the way. If the customer applies online away from the showroom then the dealer showroom is e-mailed to advise a covernote has been set up and ready for them to set the start date and time. 

The customer is e-mailed throughout the whole journey and if they take the Driveaway then they are informed when it has been set up and when it is running out and encouraged to look at buying the annual policy. Never before has a dealer or their consumer been better informed.